What is the Kentucky Regional Cable Commission?

The mission of KRCCTV is to make the member governments of the Kentucky Regional Cable Commission (“KRCC Members”) more accessible and understandable to the citizens of central Kentucky, and to inform residents on governmental and educational issues, government services, and community life.

 KRCCTV accomplishes  its mission through the following goals:

  1.  To develop professional quality programming for cablecast on KRCCTV.
  2.  To increase citizen access to the KRCC Members’ governmental meetings.
  3.  To inform citizens on the operations and activities of the KRCC Members.
  4.  To provide informative television programs of interest and value to residents which are not otherwise available or provided by other sources.
  5.  To provide programming through which the quality of community life may be improved and viewership of the government access channel may be increased.